Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Civilised men can't take a crucifying

After defeating and capturing Constantius, the man who earlier crucified him, CONAN returns the favour, confident that he will not survive the ordeal as he did.
"You are more fit to inflict torture than to endure it," said CONAN tranquilly. "I hung there on a cross as you are hanging, and I lived, thanks to circumstances and stamina peculiar to barbarians. But you civilized men are soft; your lives are not nailed to your spines as are ours. Your fortitude consists mainly of inflicting torment, not enduring it. You will be dead before sundown."
From, "A witch Shall Be Born"
Page 391 "The Complete Chronicles of CONAN"

Artwork displayed with the kind permission of the artist, Renk90.
Please check out his Deviantart.com page HERE for more of his work.

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